Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alexis School Day #4

Hi all,
Alexis had a really fun time at school last week. Yesterday she didn't have school because of 10-12" of snow. It's very pretty outside on the ground. Not so pretty on the cars, in the driveway or on the roads. Thankfully the plows cleaned almost all of the roads and things are very safe and sound right now.
So, Alexis is adjusting to school very well. She wasn't thrilled this morning to be up and awake at 6:30am. She kept trying to close her eyes to indicate that we should go away. Of course, we didn't because between 6:30-7am we have to get her medicines, water, get her downstairs, change her diaper, put on her clothes, brush her hair, put on glasses, put in hearing aids, put on her shoes, find a coat/hat/mittens, and then hope that she doesn't poop during all of this process. So far it only takes 2 adults to get this accomplished! :-) We take turns, but for sure, it's an early morning for ME! Jessica usually wakes up and helps with the process as well. Today Jessica helped by removing Alexis' socks. Yeah, that wasn't much of a help. Good baby though, tries hard to help. :-)

In other news, Jessica has been approved to start Early Intervention because she is now 20months but has the speech abilities of a 12month old (no real words). She does well, understands us, uses a lot of gestures and body language, but no real words. She regularly says "kitty" and that's cute, but not much else regularly. I really feel like a lot of this comes from having quiet Alexis as a role model. So, we'll be getting services starting next week from one of our favorite early intervention specialists. It'll be very very fun, I know that Jessica has the ability in her -- but just doesn't know it and doesn't see little kids her size talking.

And last, not really related to my kids, but completely related to my life. My advisor from Stanford (Kos Ishii) passed away last night. More details will be available on http://kosishiiblog.blogspot.com (for friends who follow me here). It's very sad, Kos was a great man and too young to die.

Love to all,
Catherine, Alexis, Jessica & Matt

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