Friday, April 17, 2009

Our update

We've been busy -- managing household and careers and education for the kiddos.

Alexis loves school. She didn't love the cold that she had this week that really caused her to be "out of sorts". The teachers noticed that she wasn't normal silly Alexis. She did as well as she could have, especially since she didn't sleep at all on Monday night.

I'm loving my new job, it's a challenge. I have to think alot and I am learning a lot. It's a very good company and there are many things for me to learn and explore. I am also enjoying very much that at the end of the day we're helping kids / people just like Alexis get better medical care (in / out and around the hospital).

Matt has started golf season, so we'll be hearing more about golf in the next 4 months (as long as there isn't rain on Mondays). He's busy as usual at work.

Jessica is awesome as usual. She's so busy and curious. She loves the nice weather we've been having and explores the big backyard every day. She's doing well with her Early Intervention, although Sandy is seeing a lot of similarities between Jessica and Alexis. :-) I'm sure some of the stubbornness is straight from me.

Here are some fun photos from Easter Sunday. Jessica is very busy.


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