Monday, June 22, 2009

all in a day..... before 2:15pm

accomplished before 2:15pm
alexis awake, dressed, ready to go; jessica awake; catherine showered and dressed ready to go all by 7:15am
catherine and alexis to catherine's 7:30am dentist appt
catherine and alexis to boston for 10:15 eye doctor
catherine and alexis do blood and urine samples before 10:15am eye doctor appt
catherine and alexis sit in waiting room of eye doctor until 11:30am for 10:15am appointment
catherine and alexis get bored and go pick up sleep study results from doctor on a different floor of childrens
catherine and alexis finally get seen by eye doctor and leave hospital at 12:20pm, in time for "longwood-hospital-area" boston lunch traffic
catherine and now SLEEPING alexis arrive at Perkins for school
catherine leaves sleeping Alexis in car to deliver Alexis' car seat to school so bus will have carseat
catherine drives sleeping alexis to lunch/cottage so that she can be woken up by rain drops on her head
catherine drops off grumpy-suddenly-awoken alexis and stuffs for school
catherine leaves and encounters stupid boston drivers on the hazardous roads, takes 1.5 hours to drive a normal 45 min drive
catherine arrives at work at 2:15pm

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