Thursday, October 15, 2009

EEG Day...

Smiling at the camera, what a Ham!

Curious if Mom got the flash setting right this time....
Busy working at school with her glorious hairdo!

Exploring the orange paint!
Checking out the feathers and look feathers stick to wet paint!

Getting her full costume ready!

Chilling at the hospital to get the hairdo and decorations off (it says Alexis in the letters)!

The end.
As Paul Harvey would have said, "The rest of the story, we will find out in 3 weeks when the Doctors review her EEG". That is most definitely HOSPITAL TIME. ZZZZZZZZZZ.
Hope you enjoy Alexis EEG day as much as she did!


Kurby Family said...

I love seeing her smile and be in such good spirits during what I'm sure was a long day. Hoping for good results on the EEG. Thinking of all of you.

Crystal M. said...

LOVE the new hair do!! I hope you get some great answers from the EEG.
Crystal and Eva

Kathryn said...

I love it that she got to go to school that day!