Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jessica - Ski Bunny

On Monday, we were at the condo and we took Jessica skiing for the first time. Ok, technically Matt took her skiing because people who know how I ski would understand that I'm not trusted to care for a 2 yr old while skiing. (I ski like a mad woman, it's very true).

This is a picture of Jessica on her first "run". She's very concerned.
This is Jessica being a cool dudette skier on her 2nd run. Matt and Jessica did 6 bunny hill runs, she did very well. Thankfully Matt is twice her height and managed to manuever in a way that he was still able to use his back the next day. Could you imagine skiing with your hands on the ground? That's basically how Matt was skiing. Anyway, we hope that Jessica will practice in our back yard more and be ready for full-on skiing next year. We'll probably take her back out for some bunny-work as the ski season progresses.
Hope you enjoy! We're all back home in Methuen. Jessica went to daycare today so that Matt, Catherine and Alexis can get some projects done. We'll see, so far it's very quiet.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Photos of Kids

Jessica enjoying "PT" at Perkins Jubilee.... BIG SMILES!

Alexis with smiles during "PT"! :-)
Jessica "geared" up for snow-play. She enjoyed being in her outfit!

Jessica not so thrilled about being out in the snow storm, and we only got about 5"!

After playing outside, "Spinning" in the chair. They love it!!!!

Family Videos -- Silly Girls (Jessica)

So it's bad video taping since Jessica was helping, but she's too cute not to feature in her own movie!


Family Videos -- Silly Girls (Alexis)

Jessica had just removed Alexis glasses, and it was about 15mins before bedtime. You can see Alexis entertaining herself with her electronic keyboard. ENJOY!!! Hope her laugh makes everyone laugh as much as it makes us laugh!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why it's important

People sometimes ask me, "you had a great job working from home and balancing everything with Alexis, why did you change?"
People sometimes ask me, "how do you do it all? where do you find the strength to advocate for Alexis?"
I found this in my reading today, it summarized the answers very well.
I am passionate to find the resources for Alexis because I am passionate about Alexis.
I am passionate about working for Philips because they have brought and have the capability to bring new medical technology to help kids like Alexis.
I have seen mothers and fathers do things they never thought were possible because they had to do them for their children.
I have an awful trait that I speak my mind (a little too directly a lot of the time). But because I am authetic and speak from my passion, I take risks and achieve results -- in Alexis' world, Jessica's world and family life! As well, I do the same at work -- they are learning my style. Ekk!
Just thought I'd share some random thoughts for a Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perkins Fundraising

Our daughters are working hard to do good work for the Perkins community!

Fundraising Email sent from Perkins November 24, 2009

Fundraising Email sent from Perkins December 8, 2009
You can donate directly by clicking to the following website --
As a side note, if we had really known these pictures would get so much air-time, we probably would have thought a little more about getting the right hairbows in and fixing Jessica's hair. We might have even tried harder to get Alexis to keep her shoes on, but she is amazing getting her shoes off with only 1 foot, wiggle wiggle wiggle - and "magic! shoe is off!"
Of course none of the subtitles on any of the pictures say, "Family was staying at hotel because Ice Storm caused Tree Branch to Fall caused Electrical Fire in basement caused Water pipe to burst caused Family to flee at 3am". So I guess sometimes what it looks like in pictures maybe just a portion of our "reality"! :-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Photos from this weekend's Christmas parties

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can see the kids are in the mood!