Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're back....

We're back in our house.
Thankfully this time we were only in the hotel (home away from home) for 20 hours.
During that time, though we did an exchange.
We sent Matt to Japan and brought in his parents from Colorado!
Matt left at 4:45am to go to Washington DC, then a flight to Japan.

We managed to get power at the house at 10am this morning.  Thank goodness.  Jessica, Alexis and I moved back in once it was about 61 in the house.  We had lunch and then us girls took naps!  Jessica took the longest nap (~2.5 hours), then Alexis (~2 hours) and then me (~10mins).  I definitely should have petitioned for more.  But Alexis didn't sleep very well the night the power went out (she couldn't sleep with her CPAP).  And then Alexis didn't sleep well at the hotel, I noticed this morning that it was probably because her crib had a slight decline from the foot of the bed to the head (exactly not the way Alexis 'deaf-blind' person needs to be centered in the world -- and with her breathing problems already).  So, she is already in bed.  SLEEPY.

Of course, most humorous was the phone call I received at 7pm from National Grid, "we'd like to inform you that based on our records your house does not have electricity and we are working around the clock to get power restored."  Well, I hope they don't undo anything because right now I have electricity!!!  Very funny.

Hope everyone is well,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Electricity at House (an option??)

Hi all,
Like December 12, 2008, our house has decided that electricity is optional.  Evidently it has affected our neighbors as well.
Thankfully, unlike December 12, 2008 - the electrical line is STILL attached to the house, the basement did not have a fire, the house is still liveable.

But we don't have electricity which means that Alexis can't use her CPAP.  It means that we'll probably be staying in a hotel tonight, which is very disruptive since Matt's parents are arriving and Matt is leaving to go to Japan in the morning.

Ah.... how crazy and insane our lives are at the moment.

Matt wrote this to me when he arrived at work:
"I was driving to work - going around the rotary when I heard a funny noise in the car, a soft 'pa pa, pa pa'.
Luckily I did not yet get onto the highway and continued around the rotary to drop Jessica off at the YMCA." 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awesome New CHARGE Video

Alexis' School "Principal" has made a new video about CHARGE Syndrome and the accomodations that kids need. 
It's an awesome video and features some of Alexis' school mates (they are all older than Alexis).  It's a fabulous video and very helpful to understanding some of the pure awesomeness of Perkins Deaf-Blind program (where Alexis goes to school).
Link to Video: CHARGE Syndrome Impact on Communication and Learning

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Visit to Hair Salon

Jessica and Alexis waiting patiently for their appointment.
Jessica not waiting patiently for her appointment.
Jessica after getting her haircut, not so sure of the results. 
Alexis getting her haircut.  She was so good about it, until they cut her bangs since the hairdresser had her hands in Alexis face. 
Lots of fun for our Saturday....

Alexis' Birthday Pictures

Alexis on her 4th Birthday!
What Alexis looks like after 6:15am wake up, 2 hour commute to school, 6 hours of school, 1 hour commute home, play time at home and then family birthday time at home.....  The outfit came from her birthday party, the ribbons came from her teachers, and the SMILE comes from God.
She was grabbing her stomach because she was laughing so hard, from being silly with Daddy during the photo shoot.
And then she gave this GLAMOUR smile.  Absolutely PRICELESS!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4th Birthday Celebration

Mom, Alexis and Jessica before the party checking out the Curious George Exhibit!
Super-Girl Alexis showing off, walking with Mommy!  (please note her new big kid hairstyle)
The CROWD assembled for her birthday party!  The Children's Museum was Fantastic!!!
Alexis "supervising" her cake arrival....
Alexis stuck her fingers in the icing!  And tried to turn off the candles with her fingers.  She loved the singing though. 
She had a fabulous time with her Perkins classmates and her alumni from Perkins Infant-Toddler program.

We love you!