Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 Sisters demonstrate how to use the New Trampoline

Alexis got a new indoor / outdoor trampoline.  Here she is trying it for the first time.
As you can observe, Alexis is very timid, taking it slowly and trying to judge her own weight and how to make sure she can work it.  (She's also holding on very tight).  Dad is helping because obviously Alexis isn't jumping enough to make it automatically count (it's got a bounce sensor in it). 

Jessica didn't think that Alexis did a great job, so she had to demonstrate exactly how it could be used.
That is 13 seconds of how Jessica used it for 10 minutes.  She was almost too tired for dinner after trampoline-time. 

I think Alexis will really enjoy it when Jessica isn't around to push her off of it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jessica being a HAM for the camera
Alexis playing outside, while Daddy was doing yard work.  Mom wasn't working at all.
Jessica finished with dinner, trying to get out of her chair.....

Some delays later

It's been a busy time.  After being out of the house in a hotel for a night (from the power outage), Matt left on a business trip.  It was a 10 day tour of Japan.  He had a very productive time.
Grandma and Grandpa Schnaderbeck came to Methuen to stay and help with Alexis and Jessica schedules.  It was a big help to have extra hands here with me.  Matt only got to see them for about 4 hours. 
This past week has been very busy -- Jessica is starting the transition process from Early Intervention to Preschool.  She'll turn 2yrs 9months on April 4th, which seems hard to believe!  She is still our little baby.  But it's good, we are working on getting her more language practice and seeing specialists at Children's to help her learn to talk. 
Alexis has been very busy, obviously school is always very busy.  Then on Thursday, Alexis and Dad went to Alexis' dentist appointment in Boston.  She needs to brush and floss more often, I guess we'll have to put it into her calendar system.  Their trip was successful, but a little eventful.  Alexis' g-tube came out at the hospital - which is ok, they should have replacements, but contacting and finding the right department to get the replacement would have been a hassle.  So, Matt got the Dentist to move quickly and did a g-tube swap out at Perkins (Alexis' school has a spare one).  Of course, now that I type that, I guess they don't have a spare one now - so I should remember to send one in.  Maybe when my mom reads that, she can remind me to do it.  :-)

I posted a video of our messy house but of Jessica putting away the silverware.  Please note that she's a ham for the camera (and somewhat distracted).  She likes helping around the house.  She can't see into the draw and thus can't sort the silverware into the right spaces, but otherwise, she is very helpful and very proud of herself.

She was also distracted by daddy with Alexis changing clothes this morning.  Very much my baby.

Take care, sorry for the delay in posting.

Jessica Helping Empty Dishwasher