Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our new toy.... Flip Video -- Alexis in 1st Baseball Game

So, I'm thinking you all are now amazed at all of this video content.  About 1 month ago, I bought a Flip Video and I can't say enough great things about it!  It's absolutely wonderful, easy and I think I can teach Jessica how to use it. 

This weekend Alexis participated in her first Little League Challenger Baseball Game.  We were highly encouraged by Alexis' Perkins classmates (ok, technically their parents) to sign up Alexis.  It is about 20mins from our house (without traffic) and so we were a little reluctant (it is on weekends afterall).  So, Alexis played in their practice game on Saturday (after a parade).  It was fabulous weather and Alexis scored a run.

Please note that as a Challenger Baseball League I think every kid gets to score a run, but Alexis was the cutest (in our eyes) to do it!  :-)  And she's on the RED SOX team.  And has fancy #1 jersey to prove it and even the cool red pants. 

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Kurby Family said...

Soooo adorable! I'm glad you guys did sign her up. She looks so cute going 'round the bases! Go Alexis!