Monday, May 31, 2010

First Trip to Storyland (Glen, NH)

This weekend we went to Storyland in Glen, NH (~5 miles from our condo).  It was great fun!  We went on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday morning.  Definitely the kids and parents were exhausted after 3 hours at the park!! 
Some major perks about Storyland:--
a)   If you buy your ticket 3 hours before closing, it is good for the next day.  (yipee!)
b)   If you take your 2 year old, she's FREE.
c)  If you take your hearing impaired child, she's FREE.  (super lucky there).
d)  If you take your hearing impaired / physically impaired child on the rides, she is treated like a VIP (she even gets a VIP pass).
(VIP means that she can go in the EXIT and skip all of the queues!!)  We had a fantastic time on our first trip to Storyland.

Dad helping Alexis enjoy her horse ride! 

Jessica enjoying her horse ride! 

Alexis and Dad on the Flying Shoes!!  Alexis loved the shoes!!!

Jessica making a raspberry when Mommy gave her a hug. 
Jessica driving us around the farm!  Alexis was the copilot and Mom and Dad rode in the back.

Alexis enjoying the Ball Pit!  She loved it!!!!
Matt and Jessica - both being very cute!!! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Radiology Tour -- Alexis Style

Alexis toured the Radiology Department today.
1. Ultrasound to review her abdomen
2. X-ray to review her abdomen
3. X-ray fluoroscopy to review her stomach, small and large intestines
These appointments were scheduled as 9:50, the 10:15 -- but you can imagine that Alexis style means that we were there from 9:45am until 2pm. 
The ultrasound went fine, the x-ray went fine.... but then started the fun.  Looking at live pictures of her stomach emptying and  then the flow of barium into her small intestines.  Alexis' intestines are really in the right order, or at least not as far as the doctors could see.  So we took a break (I got lunch), Alexis got to hang out with me.  They were hoping that the barium would move further through her system.  It did!  And I think that made them even more confused.  We went back for a simple x-ray and then we took more fluoroscopy studies.  And we left without knowing anything more than we did before we went -- they would need to review the video over the weekend, compare it to the studies that were done in 2007 and then try to compare it to the studies that were done in 2006 when she was in the NICU. 
Some commentary on the video -
a)  Alexis seems relatively pleasant during the first two video clips.  She wasn't allowed to have food after 4am, so she was starting to get rather grumpy with no food.... that is the growling, it means "I'm hungry!"
b)  I sound like a dork.  That is my mom-talking-to-Alexis voice.  I hate it, but Alexis thinks it's cute.
c)  Alexis is not wearing her glasses because she chewed on them and they were dropped off earlier today to get the lenses replaced.  Alexis is not wearing her hearing aids because they were moving her around a lot and it wasn't worth putting them in and then having them whistle / or having them interfere with any x-ray images.

Hope you enjoy!

Slow Radiology Day

Alexis and I are at the hospital... for routine tests ordered by her GI doctor.  Well, routine tests = very slow in Alexis protocol.
We did an abdominal ultrasound, then abdominal x-ray, then they did fluoroscopy study with barium inserted in her tube....  Amazingly, all of the tests were carried out on Philips equipment (yipee!)  I took some video of Alexis (our super-model) showing of how the equipment works. 
Naturally during the last test, they decided that her anatomy is so weird that we have to wait until all of the barium is through her system.  So, we had lunch at the hospital and are now waiting for Alexis' bowels...  And of course, they think we'll be done at 1pm but I know Alexis better, she has her own protocol.
So, I will post more later when I get home (which is after picking up her shoes from school, picking up her glasses from glasses place - getting new lenses and then going home).
Catherine & Super-model Alexis

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alexis Unplugged (All Acoustic Alexis)

Alexis playing Dad's guitar, please note that while she is leaning on Dad she is using both hands and very intent on playing the guitar herself.