Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow Radiology Day

Alexis and I are at the hospital... for routine tests ordered by her GI doctor.  Well, routine tests = very slow in Alexis protocol.
We did an abdominal ultrasound, then abdominal x-ray, then they did fluoroscopy study with barium inserted in her tube....  Amazingly, all of the tests were carried out on Philips equipment (yipee!)  I took some video of Alexis (our super-model) showing of how the equipment works. 
Naturally during the last test, they decided that her anatomy is so weird that we have to wait until all of the barium is through her system.  So, we had lunch at the hospital and are now waiting for Alexis' bowels...  And of course, they think we'll be done at 1pm but I know Alexis better, she has her own protocol.
So, I will post more later when I get home (which is after picking up her shoes from school, picking up her glasses from glasses place - getting new lenses and then going home).
Catherine & Super-model Alexis

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