Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Fun Day at Perkins

Doesn't this look like fun???  Alexis walked the whole parade route - she was a little slow....
But she was very CUTE and LOUD (she was wearing cow bells on her shoes).  Talk about LOUD.  You could probably hear her in Boston (from Watertown)
Alexis and her friend (and her teacher and mom).  She did an awesome job walking!
Here is more walking.  And Jessica is going back to get her to walk faster.
You see that Jessica accomplished her mission to get Alexis walking faster.
Alexis doing some twists while trying to not stand anymore - she was tired of walking!
Alexis & Bridget in the bouncy house.  Alexis was super silly about the bouncy house this time!
Jessica was tossing balls into cups - every so stylish by the middle of the day!
Jessica RUNNING in the bouncy house!  She loved it too!
Alexis would NOT touch the soft little bunny.  She was so "I'm not having anything to do with that...."
She was counting on her fingers all of the reasons not to touch the bunny. 

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