Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning Video #2

Christmas Morning Video #2

Christmas Morning Video #1

Christmas Morning Video #1

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Photos

Here are the December Photos - and maybe if I use my time wisely, I'll be able to post some December videos. 
The family (minus the photographer behind the camera).  Yes, Alexis is chewing on the comb.

The family again.... with Alexis blocking her face with the comb.

Alexis and Mommy.

Jessica, Mommy and Alexis.  Jessica was not happy now because she didn't want Alexis sitting in her booster seat.

Alexis at the Comeis house for Christmas Eve.

Jessica at the Comei's house.  Being an angel as usual (HA!)

Christmas Tree!

Jessica showing off her new boots for Christmas!

At the condo, Jessica "helping" Mom shovel.  BRRRR!

November Photos

Here are some random photos from my parents visit in November.  We usually forget to bring out the camera until the kids are wound up and crazy.  You can see by the photos below.  They were crazy and silly!

Jessica smiling pretty for the camera. She was probably in mid-jump to get to the camera.

Alexis looking at the bright camera lights.  Very curious about what we're doing.  And even more ready to throw the bumble bee at someone.

Trying to get the kids posed for the camera. This is the best one, with the fewest moving kids.  Please observe that yes our cat is really as big as our kids.

And the "horsey" ride.  Good thing they are both under 30lbs!  And yes, Matt is really that tall!

Jessica concentrating on fixing Mommy's hair.  Very cute, but sometimes painful for Mommy. 

Hopefully we'll catch up with some December photos soon. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Road to Recovery

Alexis seems to be better.  You wouldn't know it based on her pouty face that she gave Santa at school yesterday.
Santa tried to get her to laugh and be happy and she just pursed her lips together in the cutest little pout.  Yep, she's my daughter for sure.  I'll have to see if they were able to get photos of her.

She seems to be back in the mood for school and not sick, so that is good news. It's still very curious as to what causes / triggers / impacts Alexis so horribly to upset stomach and then causes horrible diaper rash. 

She has very silly moments, like when her favorite toy is available or when daddy is playing crazy games with her.  A true little doll baby!

In other news -Matt has a cold, Catherine has some sort of throat/nose/general stuffiness, and Jessica seems to be on the mend as well.

After tomorrow, Alexis is out of school for the next two weeks - she is getting ready for a lot of couch potato and goofing off I think!  She's been doing letters, numbers and words at school - she's a smarty pants!  (when she's not being grumpy). 

Take care everyone,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alexis Campaigns to Raise Funds for CHARGE Syndrome

Hi all,

It's that time again to donate money to help kids with CHARGE Syndrome get great support from the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. In July 2011, there will be another CHARGE conference in Orlando Florida. It will absolutely fantastic - and CHARGE Syndrome Foundation tries to offer as many scholarships to attend the conference as possible - but they need your help!
Please help if you can, even if it's just a little bit!


Alexis Update

Alexis is doing much better.
Here's what we did.
We spent 1/2 day in ER to get antibiotics.  She still didn't feel well after 2 doses of antibiotics.  Her GI ordered some Zofran (anti nausea medicine).  Within 30mins she turned back into laughing giggling Alexis.
She stayed on the antibiotics a couple of more days.  And as expected, now poor Alexis has a HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD diaper rash.  Like the diaper rash that looks painful just to think about how much it hurts her.  A diaper rash that looks like she went sledding down the driveway without anything on.  So painful!
We are remediating that side effect with warm baths, butt paste and air-time.  Poor little girl.  All of this upseting her.

As for the rest of us, I came down with the gi illness on Friday, Jessica seemed to have some of it as well.  Matt has avoided all of it.  THANKFULLY! 


Baby Baby Jessica

Baby Baby Jessica is on Perkins Website again :)
(see her cherub little face!)

Buy your holiday presents for a young child or a child with special needs and support Perkins at the same time. By going to, making your purchase, and using the fundraiser code PER2010 at checkout, up to 15% of you purchase will go to Perkins School.

If you are making the purchase over the phone make sure to mention our fundraiser code PER2010. You must make your purchase from Dec 6th to Dec 20th in order to use the code and support our school.

Beyond Play has a very nice selection of books, toys, sensory products, therapy tools, and educational games for young children and children with special needs.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Suggestions from the Schnaderbeck Blog Readers?

So, Yesterday was our first trip to the ER in a long time.

Here are Alexis' symptons:
Saturday - FEVER, hot to touch. (we don't have a thermometer that we think is reliable for Alexis temperature). We dosed her with tylenol.
Saturday - Couldn't tolerate her pureed tube foods (g-tube feeds). We switched to pedialyte.
Saturday - SLEPT all day. Not interested in playing or engaging at all.
Sunday - Fever lower. Great!
Sunday - Couldn't tolerate pedialyte without gagging / getting extremely gassy. Even barfed (she has a partial fundo but she only gags / barfs when she's really sick).
Sunday - went to the hospital. Got x-ray, no blockages seen on x-ray.
Got blood work, nothing abnormal. Electrolytes a little off, but nothing huge. WBC was high on Tuesday, but nothing horrible on Sunday. Got prescription for Augmentin (antibiotic, started it last night). 
We were discharged from the hospital.  She's still kind of gassy / gaggy at home today.  Hopefully she'll be ok.
Her pulse ox was 98 and her chest was clear....

i'll try to post some photos later,