Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jessica Happy at the End of Sledding with Daddy

Here is Jessica sledding with Daddy for the first run on the revised bob sled hill.  She really enjoys it at the end. 
You can see we are trying to make the most of the snow.  Evidently we'll get some more this week.  I wonder where we will put it. 

Jessica Bobsledding

This is Catherine and Jessica enjoying the bobsled run this afternoon.

This is Matt-cam view of the bobsled run.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Weeks Later - 2 More Feet of Snow - 2 Olympic Venues

Matt carved out a bobsled run on the side of our driveway.  We didn't manage to get Jessica on video.  She did ride with Mommy once, but then went back inside. 
Here is the video of Matthew enjoying his bob sled course.  Since we went to Lake Placid in August, I guess we have Olympic 'fever' and are now starting to build venues on our property (see other videos of downhill skiing, now bobsledding, and if Matt doesn't clean the snow at the bottom of the driveway... ice skating).  Matt is now suggesting the steps to the deck would make an excellent ski jump.

Here is the video of my bobsled run.  I look a lot cuter :)  I appreciate Matt making this for me, since I am not brave enough to try the ski-through-trees-run.  And for sure, if I could survive getting down the mountain it would probably take me all day to get back up the mountain.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Daze / Snow Days

So evidently the past couple of years of "light snow" has caught up with Massachusetts.
In the past 9 days, we've probably gotten 2.5' of snow.  20" one morning, then 6" here and 6" there.  What's a couple of piles of snow between friends.

So the 20" snow storm basically caused all of MA to be home-bound for the day.  It was good, the plows worked hard and we all stayed out of their way.

The next 6" happened while we were all at school / work.  So besides having plenty to shovel, there was no impact to commuting or school schedules (I think they were forecasting a dusting).

Then today, they were forecasting another 5-8" and we probably got 6".  Well, guess what?  Alexis' bus didn't want to risk driving her to school in the snow storm (the normal commute could have been much much longer).  So Alexis had a "take your daughter to work day with Mom and Dad".

Matt watched Alexis during the morning, she played with her toys, then she worked on his computer. (I'm curious if he'll ever find all of the settings that she changed).
Matt brought Alexis over to Philips for lunch and then she stayed with me for the afternoon.
Here is a great picture of Alexis pulling the "men" (as Jessica calls them) off of the file cabinet. It's magic! The men are magnetic (for those at home.... don't try this with just any ole set of toys... only the magnetic ones will work on the file cabinet). It was FUN! Alexis was entertained especially when she figured out that if she pulled them all off and threw them on the floor, I would pick them up. (We call that game "drop it"). It's more exhausting for moms and dads than the kids.

Then I asked Alexis to help me with my work, instead of just playing the whole time.  I figured if she helped me with my work, we'd get done faster and she already knows her numbers and letters, I'm sure she would do a good job!  This is what she did instead! 

We'll be deducting this from her pay for sure!  Sleeping on the job!  Silly! 

So this is how we spend our winters in MA.  SNOW DAZE....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Matt and Jessica Sledding down the Black Diamond in the Front Yard

Here is a video of Matt and Jessica slowly sledding down the black diamond course in the front yard.  As you can see, we have some "extra" snow - courtesy of 20" of snow that fell on Wednesday.  Matt should get a chance to enjoy some of it since our snow blower died about 1/3 of the way through the clean-up (which means Matt became a snow lifter / shoveler).  Exhausting!
It was fun to be out in the snow.  Jessica wasn't so thrilled, but she had a good time.  She does look a little like a pink marshmallow.

Matt Skis Mt Schnaderbeck

Matt created a ski run through the trees in the backyard.
Here is Matt skiing the second time.  Because there is no automatic lift to return you to the top of the mountain, it was only a 3 run day.  But there was 20" of fresh powder and a very happy Matthew!
He's using his "stick" skis (vintage 1993) and no poles (he doesn't have an extra set at the house).  Pretty talented!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Helpful "Care Binder" from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

I found this link today doing some research about being an organized parent of special needs children.
I think it's fantastic, a comprehensive listing of documents that may be helpful in organizing all of the medical statistics and reports that we have for our children or family.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Studio Portraits for the Whole Familiy

Thanks to my Philips family -- they gave me Studio Portraits to Sears.
You might be able to tell when Jessica "expired"... from the photo process.

Enjoy and please let me know if you have favorites!  I hate picking out photos!