Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alexis Birthday!!!

Happy 5th Birthday little GIRL Alexis!!!
5 years ago today at 8:53am, we welcomed you into our lives.... and spent 72 days in the NICU to get you in order enough to get home.
4 years ago, we spent your birthday in the hospital for 20 days trying to figure out your breathing / airway issues.
3 years ago, we were keeping you healthy in preparation for your tonsil removal surgery.
2 years ago, we kept it low key to make sure you didn't get sick in the winter. 
1 year ago, we celebrated your beautiful life with friends at the Children's Museum in Boston.
This year, we had a bash at the new house.  And you giggled and giggled and giggled!  You were enjoying life and had a blast!  We love you little girl Alexis.  You make us proud to be your parents.  You light up a room, you work the room and you melt hearts along the way.  You are silly, stubborn, smart and loving.  Keep up the fight for life, we are all here cheering you on!  7 surgeries in 5 years and CPAP nightly for 4 years - we'll move mountains for you!
Much love, Mom, Dad & Jessica!

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