Saturday, April 30, 2011

School Vacation Week

In the last photo post, I did warn you that I'm out of order, right?
Over school vacation week, Alexis, Jessica, Noralea (my sister), Fionna (my niece) and I went roller skating with Eileen Lee's medically fragile group.  We got to skate / stroller on the hardwood for 2 hours.  Because I thought Alexis could "do it", we tried it.  She was walking / moving just fine, just very unsure of herself. 

She was much happier stroller-rolling :)

Lousy photos from my cell phone...
Jessica showing off her love of pink....

Alexis riding the carousel at Salem Mall.  She was having a great time!

Going Backwards in Time

Thanks to Cynthia for taking these wonderful photos.
If you are facebook friends and you have wandered through my profile, you've already seen these.  If not, you're seeing them for the first time..... Enjoy. 
We had a terrific time Easter Egg hunting at Brady's house!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Work Related - but not! Fantastic "HealWell" Product

I was browsing our corporate internet today and I found this link.
I am BLOWN away by the possibilities for hospitals as well as in our homes for kiddos with circadian rhythm problems.
I would love to help install this in every hospital room we ever go into, into every bedroom our kids sleep in, and make sure that our precious children get their good sleep! (and the parents too!)

Absolutely THRILLED with the possibilities of how we can improve the hospital experience!!!!