Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photos of House - Updates on Fundraisers

So this is the first spring in our new house and it's basically been Christmas everyday - we're finding out what flowers exist in our yard.  Unfortunately, I didn't pay as much attention in Botany school (oh wait, that is my sister) :-)  I have been spying the local nurseries to match leaves and flowers to determine what we have!  Thankfully we have some nice flowers!

And here is Jessica running around on Friday afternoon!   

As for our CHARGE Syndrome Fundraising:
- We made about $500 from our Red Sox Raffle in May.
- We have our CHATEAU (Andover, MA) fundraiser on Tuesday.  20% of the proceeds will go to the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.
- We have our ONLINE Auction going on at
We have already raised $800 and hope to reach $2000.  The deadline is Sunday June 19th at 8pm. 
Please help out as you can.....

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Crystal M. said...

That is AWESOME about the fundraiser, and I LOVE you house!!