Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help Alexis' School - Boston Marathon Team

Hi Everyone!  I'm hoping you are doing really well.  In New England we are having our mildest winter on the "Catherine record."  Of course, as soon as I publish this to the world, it'll snow 2 feet every other day - like we have previously gotten.  

So, I'm hoping you can help us out.  Alexis attends Perkins School for the Blind.  
Perkins has a Perkins Marathon Team for the Boston Marathon.

One of my coworkers signed up for the race in Alexis' honor.  So now I need your help in 82 days or less to raise $5000.  For local folks, we'll be having restaurants and other activities - so prepare yourself for monthly meals with me and the family :-)
For folks further away, please donate through the following link

(please note that it does say "Stephanie Spindler" as she is the Marathoner, I'm the mom, coworker and blogger.  I'll be cheering her on as she runs the 26.2 miles).

The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 16 - which is 82 days from now.  
Since Stephanie and I work in Finance, we figured out that we need to raise $5000, we need to raise $61 per day.   We have already raised $450, so we really only need $55/day.

So, I'll be posting our regular updates -- please know that all that we raise will help kids like Alexis -- both on campus and around the world.  

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