Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo Catch-up

These are photos from my camera, some that have been posted to Facebook, sorry if they are repeats for anyone. 
Photo from the Summer sometime.  This is how Jessica naps in the car when it's too bright outside.  She is under there :)  When there's a will to sleep, there is a way :)

Cell phone picture of the Tower at Perkins.   I was exiting the building from a door that I don't normally use and it was really spectacular.  

Picture of Jessica and Matt walking along the new Methuen Rail Trail.  She's getting tall and skinny like him.  Very cute kid. 

Alexis working hard at PT trying to get to one of her favorite toys.  This is a really cool skate board device that she has to propel herself forward.  She really enjoyed riding on it, but preferred spinning in circles.  

Alexis riding her bike at PT as well.

Maybe a less fuzzy picture of Alexis riding her picture.  

Jessica's Kindergarten school photo.  It has a reflection on it because of taking a picture of the picture.

Alexis working hard at OT, drawing on a page with chalk.  She was doing it all herself!

Getting ready to overtake the neighborhood for Halloween.  A long journey around to all of the houses, but we did it!  Halloween got rescheduled and Matt was out of town.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Missed October - Maybe catch up now

I didn't literally miss October, but I was definitely missing in action.
We are all doing well.  Alexis has been very busy at school and same for Jessica.
They are both growing up so fast, it's hard to believe.  We have many fun days with Jessica telling us things like "I had to go into time out at school... (but then no further description)."

And then Alexis is doing so well, it's hard to believe that we struggle with so many things.  Friends have been posting "Things to be Grateful" - I can't even stop to process all of the things that we are grateful for when it comes to Alexis, her progress and her health.

One of the great leaders of the CHARGE and Deafblind community posted a .pdf file for Swedish CHARGE group - it was fabulous, I had to stop and write about it and post this on the blog.  I hope all of 
our friends will see it.

CHARGE officially is an acronym of the typical diagnosis areas:   Coloboma, Heart defect, Atresia choanae, Retarded growth, Genital hypoplasia, Ear anomalies

The brochure says:
Cute, Huggable, Adorable, Resilient, Generous, Extraordinary

- that Alexis is more than her diagnosis, she is more than words on a paper, she is unique, wonderful and inspirational.

Hope you all enjoy,