Friday, February 8, 2013

Alexis 7 Years Today! Happy Blizzard Day!

Happy Birthday to our sweetest fighter!  Seven short years ago you entered this world ready to fight and show us love and happiness.

Seven years ago, we got to see you briefly before going into the NICU.
Six years ago, we were in the ICU trying to get you better from a stomach bug and then c.diff infection.  
Five years ago, we were having Early Intervention Services - including Janna for PT, then Katie for Aqua Therapy and then an Augmentative Communication Evaluation in the afternoon.
Four years ago, we celebrated your birthday the day before with the Galladet University Shared Reading program and then had a peaceful Sunday at home before you started at Perkins two weeks later.
Three years ago, you went to school on your actual birthday but the day before we had your first birthday party EVER at Children's Museum in Boston with many of your Perkins friends.  
Two years ago, we had a birthday party at our new house and enjoyed the sled hill beside the driveway.  We all had a ton of fun.
Last year, we had a quiet celebration at home with small little birthday cakes for Alexis (and then Matthew two days later).
This year, we ordered a BLIZZARD for her birthday.  Methuen school was cancelled which meant the bus didn't take Alexis to Perkins.  Alexis decided to make up for the busy school week but sleeping until 9:45am.  I was afraid she was sleeping so long that she'd wake up as a teenager!  

For those who might be worried about us in the Blizzard, we have a back-up generator - we did our milk and bread run to the grocery store yesterday.  We can survive!
So far, at 10pm we have about 8" of snow and winds about 30-40mph.  

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