Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An abnormal Day-in-the-Life....

Most of my days at work look like this:
Excel, Powerpoint, Email, Excel, Powerpoint, Phone call, Meeting, Demo, Powerpoint

But once, it has looked like this:
Rehearsal, Commute, Hair/Make-up, Last Rehearsal, Microphone check, Live Webcast

Here are some photos to go along with that day:
View from the Zocalo Offices in Chicago: I’m a horrible photographer, but you
see how high above Lake Michigan we are.

 View of the production studio cool lobby light fixture:

 View of the effort to get me camera ready:

View of the set as they were setting up the lights:

View from the other side of the cameras when we started filming

 In case you missed this, here’s the link to the rebroadcast:

It was great to share my passion and my motivation with a larger audience. I can’t say that I wish my life on anyone – but I do wish that people in the world can find their passion that motivates them.
I did get a funny comment from a great Facebook friend, she said “After seeing the video, I was afraid you weren’t going to be a regular mom”  Thankfully when she saw me for the first time “In Real Life”, she was relieved that I was ‘regular’.  I totally laughed and tried to explain how being ‘camera ready’ is a tremendous hard work for me and that I’d rather spend many days doing:  Excel, Powerpoint, Email, Excel, Powerpoint, Phone call, Meeting, Demo, Powerpoint

So for those who think that that day program is sort of boring, I’ll spare you the play-by-play of those days. 

P.S. My husband is a saint.  When we were prepping for the video – he braved the Chicago Aquarium with both kids and then flew back to Boston with both kids solo! 
(I was in that 3rd white building in from the right from the Lake for my prep meetings)....

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