Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy November!

I guess we are falling down on the job of keeping regular posts. 
I say "we" but we all know that the we can only be me and my multiple personalities.  

Here's a great photo I took tonight of the girls together:

The official story goes something like this:
Jessica will ask "Can I watch TV?"  I say, "After you read your sister 2 books. Go find 2 books to read to Alexis"  Jessica moves quickly but even more so because there is a fun reward of TV afterwards.

On Facebook, friends have suggested:

I am interrupting their rehearsal. Perhaps they are reading lines of Shakespeare and going over who gets to be Juliet and who will be Romeo this time.

I'm interrupting an interview.  Especially with Alexis' hand in the air like that. So maybe Jessica is taking this opportunity to review key moments in Alexis' life from her perspective.
Thinking about this seriously though, Jessica would be an intense interviewer - she digs deep into the truth of all matters - anyone who has conversed with her knows this.

I'm interrupting sisters reviewing their plans.  It could be plans to get up multiple times in the night, or maybe plans to get up super-early in the morning, or even Christmas plans.  Jessica would totally help Alexis with her Christmas gift list. 

In anyway, they were just cute sitting there seriously working together on a Friday night.  

Happy November!