Sunday, March 30, 2014


Alexis is in a New School - Cotting
She's in their Preschool class, which is exciting because they have Music Therapy, Music Class, Art Class & Industrial Arts.
Alexis loves spinning things, but she doesn't care for soft things - and I'd consider clay quite soft. She's fully engaged in this - during the first week of her new school.

She also gets speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and Gym class as she did at Perkins. She misses her friends and teachers.  But she is enjoying sleeping in an extra 30mins in the morning and getting home earlier.

Jessica had her official first broken bone.  
It's the tip of the longest bone in her pinky finger. She was playing at school and a friend stepped on her hand. She's got a high pain threshold because she didn't cry, didn't insist on going to the nurse's office, or complain when she got home.  We got her casted and it's already off! She bejeweled it, yes a purple cast with jewels!  

One tough cookie!