Thursday, May 8, 2014

Additional Camp Photos

Here are our happy kids getting ready for the journey to NC.

Here is Jessica doing archery. She was really good and very focused! 

Here's Alexis bowling!  She really enjoyed all parts of this INDOOR activity. 

Here's Alexis horse back riding. She did not like this.  Her face doesn't show as much grumpy as she was. She hated hat + hood. She was grumpy about it.  But she looked good on the horse. 

No stop to a "Victory Junction" camp would be appropriate without JESSICA IN A RACE CAR!!! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Vacation!

We were lucky that this year's Massachusetts April School Vacation week coincided with one of the Victory Junction Family Weekends.

Our Family Weekend sessions give our campers and camper families an opportunity to be able to experience the adventures of camp together. Our fall and spring is filled with specialized weekends focusing on specific disease groups and offer up to 32 families a chance to experience camp together each weekend.

But that description doesn't really do it 'justice'.  Essentially all family is cared for at camp.
Accommodations: Spacious, Air-conditioned, Accessible Bathrooms attached. Awesome!  Each kid got to take home a cute bear and hand-knitted blanket.
Food:  Well, since I don't cook - I can't say better than my cooking.  But most awesome camp food ever - plentiful, yummy and downright awesome selections for Jessica, me and Matt!
Activities: Fishing, Archery, Horseback riding, Bowling, Performance Night, Power-dances after every meal to get the wiggles out, Crafts, Woodcrafts, massive Tree house, Putt-Putt (aka MiniGolf), Pool (not open when we were there), Fab Lab (hair, fingernails, make-up)

The reason I was interested in this:
1) It's in North Carolina, I'm from there. It means they also served SWEET tea with every meal.
2) It's NASCAR themed.  Every building had a theme and it was just so cool!
3) It specializes in kids like mine.
4) This particular weekend was Rock-n-Roll weekend!  

Which means, we got to dress up in 1950s clothes and we got to perform at the Talent Show.

I got poodle skirts for me and the girls and Matt tried to do a greaser thing with jeans and t-shirt.  On Saturday night, they had stage night.  Jessica sang a song (Roar by Katy Perry), Alexis played the piano and Dad and I danced and supported them. Afterwards, Matt played and sang a song with the guitar and Jessica danced.  Here are some photos.

This group is called "Chipettes and Alvin".  Jessica was not shy at all with the microphone. With her speech delay, she didn't know many of the words, but she knew the chorus!  Awesome Katy Perry "Roar!" Song.
 This group is called "King and Princess".  Somewhere along the way, Jessica learned to answer "Who is Daddy" with "Daddy is the king!"  So here is Matt playing/singing and Jessica dancing.

We had a lovely time.  Hopefully they'll let us come back sometime!!