Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Graduation to Our Dear Friends

In June, we were able to celebrate graduation-transition for our friend's daughter.  It will probably be similar to Alexis' graduation-transition, see when you have kids like Alexis - school can go until 22.  And so for this case, our friend's daughter graduated at 18, but is going to a transition program.  
But the point of this post is share the vivid pictures of the day.  My kids look so huge in the photos, when did they become small people and stop being babies?  WAHHHHH!

Dad and Alexis playing toys

Jessica resetting the rules for Limbo.  

Alexis waiting patiently!  Here's her new stroller... Looking like a rockstar, but man that Stroller is HEAVY.

Alexis and Jessica posing with some friends at the photo wall.  Such cuties!  Clearly Alexis was busy with her own toys.

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