Friday, August 28, 2015

Only Fair - A Jessica Video Collection

Fewer videos of Jessica - or she stars in Alexis' videos.  But here are some videos over the past few months of Jessica. 

The one of Jessica playing golf with her cast is my favorite.  She filmed this herself!

Jessica's 8th birthday!  How did that happen so fast?!

Jessica dancing to Shakira - check out her reluctant performing partner....

Jessica golf movie - she made this herself!

Is there enough snow?  Yeah, it's hard to watch this when the weather has been so nice for months now.

Alexis Doing Awesome Things - Video Collection

I've been slow to update the blog - as you can see from a pile of updates in short succession.  Here are some videos that I've been posting to YouTube, but haven't linked here.  They all fall into the "Alexis is cute" and working hard!  She's a punk.  She's doing a lot of new things and being a really great kid. 
Maybe some of the videos look kind of boring, sorry about that - sometimes I get a little video happy with Alexis!
Alexis checking out the iRobot.  I love it.  It cleans up so much stuff, who knew we had so much on our floors.
Alexis and Jessica typical interaction :)
Alexis yelling about something over breakfast.  Everyone who has seen this says she sounds just like me in work meetings!!!!
Alexis studying Chopin.
Alexis working hard at the stairs.... and being a punk.
Alexis and her PT giggling-- supposed to be working hard.
Alexis going over a curb with her walker.  Make sure you catch how she goes down!!!
Alexis doing 'fast running' with her PT.  
Obviously from a colder day - but Alexis and Jessica in their car.  They love it! 
Alexis talking from winter time.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun Photos from April - my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

It's hard to believe that my parents have been married for 50 years.  But I guess if my brother is 6 years older than I am and I'm 40 - then it is possible!
In April, Mom and Dad invited tons of family and friends and we had a delightful celebration.  It's rare that we (kids) are all together.  We had a fun time!  

These are photos of Alexis in Pinehurst-- smiling in the sun! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Time Photos

This summer has gone by so quickly.  Most New England summer fly by as we don't usually melt our snow until April.  This year has been surprisingly dry and the rain we have received has been at night or a few sporadic days.  It means that we've been able to get out and about on weekends and enjoy more parts of New England.  Or in some cases - going to Chicago for CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Conference.

Memorial Day.  Crazy Barn.  Jessica rode it all by herself!!!

Memorial Day Weekend.  Carousel.  Matt was nearby, but look how big she's gotten!!!


Jessica concentrating on riding the horse!
The fish, with my big girl riding by herself.

Dad and Alexis!  I can't ride the ride because too many circles!

Jessica and Alexis and a REALLY BIG DUCK!!!

Jessica trying out adaptive hiking wheelchair!

Jessica taking her sister on adaptive hiking along the Charles River in Boston.

Jessica petting calf at Davis Farm Land.

Jessica gently hugging baby duck.

Jessica getting ready for pony ride.

Jessica on the Pony.

Jessica had a beach day..... such a beach animal.  Loves the sand and the waves.  Even the cold water.

Jessica with her cousins and aunt and uncle in Chicago.

Alexis and Jessica with cousins.

Matt and kids on walk/hike in Bradley Palmer State Park (Massachusetts)

Matt serious, Alexis happy, Jessica silly.  Pretty much the family!

Jessica loves player #23 on Merrimack College basketball team.  
Wanted a photo with hiking post #23.

Camp Communicate Photo by the Lake.

Jessica, Alexis and another camper (who was always awake with Jessica at 5:30am)