Friday, November 6, 2015

Home really is BEST MEDICINE

We were discharged yesterday around 11:30am.  We got home and Alexis settled back into her normal recovery mode.  She played with Piano, she played with toys.  She contented herself to roll on the floor of the living room when those two things exhausted her.  She visited with her afternoon PCA.  

She took a bath, and then fast asleep at 6pm.  At the hospital on Wednesday, she had slept hard when they gave her morphine (one of the things she is allergic too - a subject for another day).  And then she woke up hungry and was awake from 10pm-midnight.  Then she woke up Thursday at 6:30am.  That's really not Alexis' typical sleep cycle.  So I wasn't surprised when she fell fast asleep at 6pm, in the comfort of her own bed.

Especially because I was right behind her!  I fell asleep at 8pm.  Of course, I'm now awake because going to bed at 8pm for me is a rare treat!  But to give the body 6 hours of continuous sleep after being in the ICU the night before - I already feel like a new woman.  And the best part, once I go back to sleep in one hour (or so)--- my body will think that's a nap.  My body loves naps.  

Wanted to give you all an update of where we are.  Alexis is out of school today to give her another day of rolling around and playing around.  Yesterday she still had moments where her nose would drain blood - I didn't figure her school, her teachers or her classmates would consider that a 'perk'.  They have excellent nursing staff, but I'm sure it's not a great day for Alexis just to sit in the medical area. So she will have another day at home to relax - then the weekend - then back to school on Monday.


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