Monday, December 14, 2015

Loving the girls!

Our girls are the sweetest on the planet.

Tonight, I put Jessica to bed - she was beside me whimpering. I asked 'what's wrong bug?'  She said, "I want a baby sister".  I explained that we have Alexis and Jessica and they were awesome.  Then she says, "What if me and Alexis were twins!"  I said "oh that'd just be silly! You are almost twins, practically!"  Then we got distracted by talking about how Alexis would always be just 1 year older than Jessica.

On any other day and time, this conversation would leave my mind quickly. But it didn't tonight because tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary that we found out that Alexis' twin, Kaitlyn, had died.  Probably similar weather 10 years ago - I don't remember it being snowy - just cold and wet.  I remember because from the back of the ambulance, you only get to see the traffic behind you and the distortion of their headlights as go down the road.  

We have the sweetest girls because no matter what scars Mom and Dad carry around, they are always happy and content with everything.  We aren't without struggles, but in the "for real" - we have it good.  The struggles we have might bring us down, might trip us up, and may cause us to dream up new plans.  But from it all, I am grateful. Sweet kids, happy house, busy life and new chapters.  Alexis is amazes us everyday - she is getting so strong and doing so well. Here's a basketball video from last week: 

Evidently she did like 15 in a row until the camera came out.  Silly goose!  Matt filmed another one of her tonight - I'll try to get that one posted soon.

And then Jessica's sweet piano concert.  You might be able to tell when she had to look back at her music to find the next note (she had it memorized until that point).  Love her.  She is so proud of herself.  Yes, we can work on the performance - but we won't change the performance (if you know what I mean).  

Happy Holidays to you all!  Give your families and friends extra hugs this week - we all need them!

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