Friday, June 25, 2010

Alexis Day 3 after Heart Catheterization

Alexis was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and we've spent Thursday and Friday -- doing very little.  So, Alexis cleaned out papers that had taken over the house, she did some laundry, she did the dishes, she had some breakfast, lunch and dinner and she took some naps.  Some of the time we did get to play with our favorite toys which made us very happy! 

On Thursday, we went to visit Jessica at her last Early Intervention Playgroup time.  Alexis had previously gone to that playgroup, so she was happy to join them for free play and see some of her favorite teachers.  They were all amazed that Alexis had just had heart surgery and thrilled in the progress she has made since she started at Perkins!

On Friday, we did something that was fun for a while.  Alexis went to WORK.  She liked lunch time, enjoyed hanging out in the TV studio but then we went actually went to the office she was GROUCHY.  She was growling at my coworkers and then even complaining about work.  We changed her attitude quickly when she found that the work chairs SPIN.  And they can spin very fast.  And Alexis can giggle very loudly in a cubicle-ville.  She had the giggles and snorts and just all kinds of giggles.  It was great to see her being so lovable at work.  :-)

Steve did get a good picture of Alexis and I at the cafeteria.

And then he showed off the fancy new video feature on his new iPhone (and posted it to Youtube).

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