Friday, June 25, 2010

Jessica - Cutie Pie

Posting about Alexis wouldn't be fair without some updates about Jessica!!!
Here is Jessica, you can see she has all of the basic necessities down - sunglasses, cell phone, beach chair, and wearing pajamas for the whole day! 

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hannah m said...

I am so glad Alexis is doing well after her heart cath (love the picture of her drawing on the iPad!). Jessica sure is a little star in her sunglasses! Your two cutie pies sure are darling!

Yep -- Rossotti's is one and the same as Zot's! How fun that you have good memories of that place, too. I grew up in Menlo Park and don't live too far away now...I can't wait for Viv to be old enough to look for frogs with me down by the creek! If you're ever back in the area we should definitely meet up there!