Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alexis Speech Sessions (#2-#3)

Here are 3 more videos showing Alexis interact with the speech output device at the CHARGE Conference.

And then a video of Jessica pushing the happy birthday buttons and then saying Happy Birthday!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alexis Speech Session at CHARGE Conference (#1)

Here is a video of Alexis interacting with a speech output device (it is saying "want").
The theory is that when we all speak, we are making a motor movement in our mouth.
For Alexis, her hands are faster than her mouth in interacting.  And many kids like Alexis, that's why they can do sign language before speech - the hands are better movers than their mouths. (it helped Jessica).
For us though, Alexis is very interested in speech and we are hoping that giving her a voice output device will help her to request the things that she wants to do around the house and school - allowing her to interact with more people and communicate her needs.
Here is the first video - courtesy of John Halloran who is working with Alexis on the device.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Vacation after CHARGE Conference

We've been busy :)
Does that summarize everyone's summers?  I know moms who have had their second babies and been better than I have about posting to their blogs..... :| 
No excuses.  We are recently back from CHARGE conference (will write another post about this one).  But we took some great pictures after the conference.
We went to Blizzard Beach - an awesome waterpark, but didn't take any photos with camera - too busy with the fun rides!
We went to Sea World, we had some time to take pictures because we were HOT of being outside.  We ate at the Shark exhibit (we didn't eat sharks, we just ate in the underwater viewing dining room).
I have a mouth full of drink, I'm not angry as Jessica says about this picture. Alexis enjoyed the air conditioning of this restaurant.

A gorgeous picture of Jessica!  My cutie pie is growing up so fast!

The view of the Shark exhibit from our seats.

 Alexis entertaining herself in the heat.  Jessica barely able to walk because of the heat.
 The killer whales show!  Fantastic!
 The next day we went to Aquatica, and we had a cabana.  That was wonderful, as you see my kids can lounge by the pool.  Alexis LOVED Roa's Rapids, a body rapids ride where you wear your life jacket and float down the river.  She and Matt did it 10 times.  A fun time!!!
Jessica and Matt in the wave pool.  They were having a great time as well!