Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alexis Speech Session at CHARGE Conference (#1)

Here is a video of Alexis interacting with a speech output device (it is saying "want").
The theory is that when we all speak, we are making a motor movement in our mouth.
For Alexis, her hands are faster than her mouth in interacting.  And many kids like Alexis, that's why they can do sign language before speech - the hands are better movers than their mouths. (it helped Jessica).
For us though, Alexis is very interested in speech and we are hoping that giving her a voice output device will help her to request the things that she wants to do around the house and school - allowing her to interact with more people and communicate her needs.
Here is the first video - courtesy of John Halloran who is working with Alexis on the device.

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Kurby Family said...

Very definitely have some of the best working with her!