Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Our dear medical miracle mystery baby is growing up!
Alexis was born 6 years ago, 4lbs at 8:53am on February 8.  
She was surrounded by her mom, dad, her twin Kaitlyn and 18 of NEMC's best Doctors and Nurses.
She has put us through the wringer, challenged the hell out of the brain power of doctors and continues to baffle the geneticists.  :-)  We wouldn't swap any minute of it.  I rebroadcast this video that I took 2 years ago - with the Alexis giggle-squeal

We hope you all have a wonderful Feb 8!  Alexis had a beautiful day at school and lots of fun at home to celebrate her birthday!
And if you want to see more photos of us and the family - and the "life and times" of us, check out

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