Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy Month.  I would say that about January, but we're already into February.  Yikes!
It's continued to be mild in New England, but better yet, it was wonderful weather in Florida where I traveled for business this week.  I attended the Philips Healthcare Sales meeting to share a new "Alexis" video.  During January (see other posts), they videotaped Alexis at school and then at home using the new product we (Philips and Perkins) are developing.  
Here is the final result:  

The video will be launched inside of Philips to show what passion, energy and drive can yield -- for new products, for new businesses and new innovations for the world.  It excites me that I can be a part of this - lead it, actually!  Thank you to all of the families that inspire me to build products and implement innovations that I can within my company.  

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment or email me if you have comments about anything.

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