Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28 - Matt 11 year anniversary!

I guess I should just call April "Anniversary Month".
For these reasons (in order....):
-My parents got married in April
-My college roommate got married in April (actually today!)
-Matt and I got married in April (actually today!)
-Alexis was discharged from the NICU
-Jessica had open heart surgery

I can say these are all great things in my life.  But most importantly was finding someone who could walk the journey with me.
When I tell people about Matthew, I sometimes tell this story.  One of the first dates we went on, we went Ice Skating with the Graduate Engineering Dorm at Stanford (pretty geeky, you all can picture it right?)
If you know me, you know that I didn't inherit or develop coordination of any type, so I'm appalling at ice skating.  I can remain upright but typically there are several moments that I give way to gravity and fall on my butt.
Well, it's different when Ice Skating with Matt.  I start to wobble and he just reaches over and grabs my sweatshirt at my shoulder.  It steadies me, it supports me enough and lets me regain my footing.  That's Matthew.

My other story I tell about Matthew is that he's my sun to my solar system.  I am a little random, maybe like a comet on an abnormal orbit.  Matthew keeps a large enough gravity to keep me in this solar system, but not too much to cause me to crash into any planets.  

I realize these are odd analogies, but he is there for me always.  I love you, Matthew!  Happy Anniversary!


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