Saturday, April 20, 2013

Florida Trip Photos

Sea World - Monday
First ride of the Vacation.
 Shamu Show in Sea World
 Whales kissing.  Matt takes these pictures.
 Tuesday we went to Aquatica, so we didn't take any pictures because we were wet all day.  Jessica enjoyed the big play structure that had waterfalls and splashes everywhere.  I couldn't go on it because a couple of times I almost lost my contacts.  YIKES!
Next series of photos are Disney!  Alexis enjoyed her toy and Jessica was a little grumpy for the beginning.

Matt and Jessica comparing Muscles with Gaston! 
Unplanned visit with Jessie and Woody!  It was a hot visit! 

Early Dinner scheduled with Pooh and Friends.  Tigger was so exciting for Alexis to see! 

 Best smile and giggle EVER!!!
  Best smile and giggle EVER!!!

 Belle!  They didn't allow flash photography so it's grainy and the pictures with Jessica are worse.  I'll see if the official Disney ones work.  
 Worst scheduling plan ever: After late night at Disney, to go to Breakfast with Mickey and Friends at 7:15am.  Thankfully after breakfast, we could take naps :)   Here are the photos from Thursday morning:

 Love this picture of Alexis touching Mickey's nose.  

 Here's Alexis pulling on Pluto's whiskers.  

We had a great time.  We had attended a fundraiser last April and at the live auction I bid on a Disney/Sea World trip.  It was a wonderful time and we're really glad we were able to support the Professional Center for Child Development at the same time.   They are having their next fundraiser on Friday May 3rd, it's celebrating their 40th year of operation.  7 years ago today, when Alexis was discharged from the hospital, they came to our house for services about 10 hrs/week.  We hold them in a special place for helping Alexis and then Jessica get the services they need.
And it's even more fun when we can help them and take a wonderful family vacation together!

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos! You are right, best giggle and smile ever! Glad you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing these photos.