Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week Away from Boston

Most Facebook friends know this, but we were away from Boston last week.  We had scheduled a trip to Disney / Seaworld and we couldn't have picked a better time.  
We are very sad that over the course of 1 week, 4 dear people lost their lives.  We are thankful for the heroic efforts of public safety officers in protecting Boston and especially Watertown.
Alexis' school is in Watertown, thankfully she was on school vacation this week - otherwise, we would have been very scared parents.  As I've mentioned before, when Newtown happened, I could see in my head what would happen if a shooter entered Perkins.  Yesterday's events in Watertown were less than 1 mile from Perkins.  Thankfully any staff that was on campus was safe and we are very happy for that.
I'm thankful that there were so many emergency responders already staged at the end of the Marathon course.  They turned their tents from 'dehydration' and 'distress' to trauma central.  Without everyone's quick response, the death count could have been much greater.  There are many who had their lives changed and for that I am saddened, but as I know with our journey - being grateful for life is most important.  Their journey is difficult, relearning to live life - rebuilding their families, it's hard work.  
Take a moment and hug those around you - keep them safe and say a big thanks for others who keep us safe each and every day.

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