Monday, August 12, 2013

Scottsdale Silly & Phoenix Phun

Here's some photos from our trip to Phoenix / Scottsdale.
These are photos from one morning in Scottsdale Old Town.....

Jessica meets all types of people on the street.

 Watch out Alexis!!!  That Cowboy looks TOUGH!  

Jessica found another friend..... clearly we're surrounded by interesting people to meet! 

Some cacti - and a pose. 

One day, Dad played golf - so what did me and kids do?  We took a social visit to the Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Philips Color Kinetics did the lighting for the building - and it was very exciting to see it first hand.  Here's a video - it's much better than my photography!

Doesn't Jessica look thrilled?

Ah, we'll be posting sometime soon photos from the official CHARGE Conference photographer - Catherine Lacey Dodd.

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