Sunday, October 11, 2015

Camp Communicate - Some Photos from August

We are notoriously bad about enjoying moments with our kids and not snapping photos.  

Thankfully I have some awesome friends who will email me live-action photos of kids doing fun things.  In this case, we were at Camp Communicate in Maine in August.  

It was a fabulous camp with lots of great campers - I'm biased the two best ones were my own!  But all of the campers worked hard using their communication devices and being engaged in the camper activities.

Here are the live action shots by Randi Sargent - thanks Randi!  

Alexis in her walker - looking super-tall!

Jessica talking to Kate Ahern....

Alexis found an ORGAN and played it during the dance!

Jessica watching the end of camp video and Alexis goofing around with Dad!

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