Friday, October 2, 2015

Jessica Pain

Fun Title, but No Jessica is not a pain.

Jessica doesn't know pain, doesn't feel pain, doesn't recognize pain.

Why do I say this?

Here's the background data:

Age 4: Open Heart Surgery - up and walking around with chest tube hanging out 6 hours after surgery. Discharged after 2 days. 

Age 5: Kid steps on hand at school, breaks pinky bone on left (dominant hand). Jessica not in pain doesn't tell anyone for 2 days. 
Age 7: Jessica jumps off couch and lands on elbow. Breaks elbow, walks around 4 days with broken elbow. 
Age 7: Jessica twists ankle, breaks 4th metatarsal in foot, walks on leg for 2 days. 

So we try to go to BCH to get the best care we can because SHE DOESN'T REGISTER PAIN. SO THE FACT THAT THE XRAY shows an injury - treat the X-RAY not the kid that doesn't feel pain.

We didn't even get an Ortho consult at the ER.  And Dr that we saw says, if she doesn't need a walking boot - she can just wear her normal shoes.  I'm glad Jessica and I got some nap time in at the hospital.  

And that I'm a momma bear and with 14 phone calls-- I got them to see Jessica today at 1:15pm in the Ortho clinic for someone to really look at her.

Otherwise, we would have been waiting until sometime next week for the appointment.  

How else do I explain - This kid is super-human.  She doesn't feel pain.  Don't ask her where it hurts.  Watch her body language and feel her.  That's how we suspected it in the first place --- her OT thought "wow this doesn't feel right"

Let's help her out, PEOPLE!!!!!

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