Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alexis at Daddy-Guitar Therapy

Well, Alexis had a very busy day today. We went to Perkins in the morning and when she came home she had to eat and then she had to take a nap. She has priorities, you know? :-)

Anyway, tonight she got some Daddy-Guitar therapy but it was obvious to me that she was exhausted from the day.

She is busy staring at her hands in this shot and then she gets distracted by the camera. And it even looks like she tries to smile for the camera but maybe she was just trying to focus on the camera. You can see little Jessica in the background rearranging toys on the coffee table. She especially enjoys moving the animals around and taking things apart.

Hope you enjoy the video. We have some pictures from the condo this weekend as well, I'll try to post those too!


Lisa W. said...

So cute - love the 'guitar therapy' - you'll have to get her onto Guitar Hero. She and Kennedy can play a duet some day - she LOVES Guitar Hero!

hannah m said...

I found your blog through Kennedy's. Your girls are SO cute! I'll look forward to checking in on your adorable family. Our daughter, Vivian, is 16 months old.