Monday, October 19, 2009

Steve Cahill is this AWESOME dude at Philips who is a TV Director. You all may remember that he filmed Alexis' surgery in April and we shared the video with the "world" in June.
In July, one of my colleagues collapsed returning from the Philips gym. The "Red" phone (which is actually one of those old style heavy big ringer phones) kept ringing. Each person on the Emergency Response team has a Red phone and a pager. On this day, it was ringing and ringing, which is quite concerning.
The story has a great ending, so you won't be disappointed to watch the video. It shows Joe's experience, what he remembers, what happened afterwards, how the Philips Emergency Response Team members jumped into action and how his heart got repaired with 2 catherization procedures.
Joe's story is a warm story about how important the heart is to the body. Joe is truly here today because the best medicine was applied at the best time. Alexis is our little miracle, but Joe is also a miracle!
Here is the video link to Joe's "Shocked Back to Life" video:

And if you missed it before, here is the video link for our dear Alexis:

P.S. For the curious, there is also an excellent video on the Heart Catherization procedure and how the doctor placed stents in the heart arteries after Joe's heart attack. (GREAT TRAINING MATERIAL FOR US TO BE PREPARED FOR ALEXIS' CATH PROCEDURE)

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