Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 Sisters demonstrate how to use the New Trampoline

Alexis got a new indoor / outdoor trampoline.  Here she is trying it for the first time.
As you can observe, Alexis is very timid, taking it slowly and trying to judge her own weight and how to make sure she can work it.  (She's also holding on very tight).  Dad is helping because obviously Alexis isn't jumping enough to make it automatically count (it's got a bounce sensor in it). 

Jessica didn't think that Alexis did a great job, so she had to demonstrate exactly how it could be used.
That is 13 seconds of how Jessica used it for 10 minutes.  She was almost too tired for dinner after trampoline-time. 

I think Alexis will really enjoy it when Jessica isn't around to push her off of it.

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