Monday, May 31, 2010

First Trip to Storyland (Glen, NH)

This weekend we went to Storyland in Glen, NH (~5 miles from our condo).  It was great fun!  We went on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday morning.  Definitely the kids and parents were exhausted after 3 hours at the park!! 
Some major perks about Storyland:--
a)   If you buy your ticket 3 hours before closing, it is good for the next day.  (yipee!)
b)   If you take your 2 year old, she's FREE.
c)  If you take your hearing impaired child, she's FREE.  (super lucky there).
d)  If you take your hearing impaired / physically impaired child on the rides, she is treated like a VIP (she even gets a VIP pass).
(VIP means that she can go in the EXIT and skip all of the queues!!)  We had a fantastic time on our first trip to Storyland.

Dad helping Alexis enjoy her horse ride! 

Jessica enjoying her horse ride! 

Alexis and Dad on the Flying Shoes!!  Alexis loved the shoes!!!

Jessica making a raspberry when Mommy gave her a hug. 
Jessica driving us around the farm!  Alexis was the copilot and Mom and Dad rode in the back.

Alexis enjoying the Ball Pit!  She loved it!!!!
Matt and Jessica - both being very cute!!! 

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Martha said...

what a great week end for playing...great stories and great and happy kids :)
thanks for the story; glad the weather was great, too
see you soon