Monday, July 2, 2012

Jessica's Birthday

Jessica turns 5 today.  She had a fantastic birthday party.  Everything was great.  A lot of little friends from her two schools and then other close family friends - all of whom were fighting over who could sit beside Jessica.  
The Cake - provided by Icing Smiles.  Jessica from Jessica's Cakes made a beautiful themed "Princesses doing Gymnastics".  It was beautiful and quite tasty!

The Venue - provided by Legends Gymnastics in North Andover.  Here's Jessica bouncing down the trampoline.
The Fun - Jessica was Queen Bee, she was wonderful and enjoyed having all of the attention.  Here's the video of her swinging.... She loved it!

The Friends - Here's a group shot.  They were all watching the bouncy house being inflated.  Alexis was kind of grumpy because it was warm in the gym.  

We're especially grateful to Icing Smiles for helping Jessica make Jessica a beautiful cake!  She adored it!  

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