Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Sled Festivities

When we moved into our new house in 2010, we never anticipated how much fun 2 feet of snow could be.  My husband is wonderful for not only shoveling snow, snowblowing snow but also doing it all on his birthday weekend.  (Alexis was born 2 days before his birthday).

As a break from snowblowing and shoveling, Matt shoveled out the Bobsled run at our house.  

Here are the first videos, enjoy!
Jessica Sled, saying cheese all the way down because the camera was filming.  Silly!

Jessica Sledding from the top of the Bobsled run.

Mommy Sled - Jessica is standing next to Matt trying to get him to put back on her mitten that fell off.  

Matt and Jessica sled time.

Matt holding camera... what it looks like from the inside.

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