Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Photos

For folks who want to see how BIG the kids are getting - please enjoy these from Easter weekend.  
Saturday we participated in the Perkins/MAPVI Beeping Easter Egg Hunt at Perkins on Saturday.  Here's Alexis enjoying finding her golden egg, then got her a special prize!

Here are photos of Alexis at Easter Egg Hunt #2 - at Brady's house.  She enjoyed the sunny front porch.  She did enjoy putting found eggs into her basket.  Lucky for Dad that she doesn't really like (aka, can't eat) candy.  Lucky for him! 
I would show more photos of Jessica, but she was moving too fast collecting eggs.  Here is proof.  

And then today, we had early rise Easter Service (7:30).  We barely got there in time for a seat, and forgot their nice sweaters and forgot the donation (whoops), I guess we should have gotten up earlier.  :(  But here are some photos of the kids before Easter.  Jessica had already eaten 4 pieces of chocolate when she woke up and found Easter eggs in the house, so church was pretty "interesting" (aka, we were ideal parents trying to persuade Jessica not to hop around everywhere).  

 Here are various pictures from the Church.  Jessica is a rascal, but thankfully not annoying Alexis at the moment the photos were taken!
Alexis wasn't thrilled about sitting around after church, but she did so much better at church than Jessica.  As I often say, Alexis keeps a lot of secrets!  I think she's coming up with a plan to escape based on these photos!
 Here's a reminder of how TALL Matt is compared to me and Alexis.  Jessica seems to be super-tall at least compared to me.  I'll be taking bets on whether she gets out of elementary school before she's taller than me.

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