Monday, June 23, 2014

Story Land NH - Our Commercial!

Yesterday, Story Land was filming an official commercial.  They even had 'paid' ride goers for their commercial and a video / photography crew.  It was a gorgeous weather day - so I can understand and imagine why they were eager to disrupt riders to get their filming done.  Thankfully the crowds had been at Story Land on Saturday and we almost had the place to ourselves on Sunday - we rode most of the rides without lines and really had a fabulous time!!!!

So, I took some videos.  I must share the most awesome ones first:
This is the family riding the Teacups.  Alexis sits with her legs straddling the center bar.  Matt and Jessica squished onto one side, Mom and phone/camera on the other side.  It's all Alexis - usually we get about 5 giggles out of her, but she was a little tired by the end of the day when we filmed this.

This is Alexis driving Mom on the Tractors.  It's like the cars or the antique cars, but the tractor wheel doesn't control anything and the buttons make sounds.  Jessica and Dad were riding another ride at the time, so Alexis and I were being farmers.  For folks who have farms or tractors, can you tell me - do you make as many adjustments as Alexis?  Also, do you spin the wheel that quickly? I'm thinking we should start teaching her to adjust this a bit in case she tries it on a real tractor.....  Love the finger/digit isolation on the button pressing!  She even chose to use her index finger on one of the times!!!

Here's Jessica at the big tree house / playground at the front of the park. I think she looks like a giant coming down the slide!  She's merely 47" but truly a wonderful girl in our eyes.

Matt and Jessica have added a new ride (it's not a new ride to the park, but a new ride for them to go on) - The Flying Fish. They both seem to enjoy it, but it basically makes me want to barfo just watching the video.

The final one - which is really hard to see anything about - The Roarasaurus - Story Land's new ride.  Wonderful, fun, fast, and exciting!  Only lasts about 90seconds, which is just enough and keeps the line moving pretty fast.  Jessica rode it 8 times on Saturday - but only 3 times yesterday.

No videos of Alexis + Jessica favorite ride - the Polar Coaster.  I'm not 'stupid' enough to take my camera on that ride - and since both need an adult in the row - we'll have to aim for a video when we have a friend to travel with us.  

Well, I hope you've enjoyed our videos - our version of the commercial.  Here are some still photos - just plain cuteness in my opinion:
It looks like they are both looking at Cinderella, right?  :-)

Because you always need your drink in photos......

Enjoying the Roarasaurus - yes, Jessica's eyes are closed, but I couldn't tell them to stop the ride so I could retake the picture :-)

Happy Monday!!!!  

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