Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here's what NOT SLEEPING sounds like

We're alive.

Just a quick post to demonstrate what 


sounds like in our house.

(yes the picture is dark.... I recorded from my phone in a dark room - the point is to listen to the SOUND)

This is not sleeping.
This was recorded in Alexis' room at 11:10pm.  This is a SLEEPING time.  She is NOT SLEEPING.

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Matt Schnaderbeck said...

1:30 AM - Still not sleeping.
3:30 AM - Changed sound to happy squealing as she began throwing stuffed animals up in the air and out of her crib!
6:10 AM - Alexis gave up and decided to get dressed for school (with Dad's help). Second time this week she has pulled an all-nighter. They sure work her hard at The Cotting School.