Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alexis in the Local Newspaper

Alexis was photographed during the Professional Center Holiday Party.

Alexis is the little blonde smiling girl in the photo. :-)

Ellen Waddill is one of the super-moms and organizer of the party.

Veryl Anderson is the Executive Director of the Professional Center. Alexis has all of her EI services through the Professional Center. She also attends their 2-by-2 program. She loves it at the Professional Center.


Eva Nichole said...

Eva was in the paper 3 times in 3 different papers, its so wonderful so see our famous little ladies faces in the paper. Show the world how wonderful they are.
Also your Christmas photos are adorable looks like they had a great holiday.
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

What a superstar you are Alexis!!! Sorry I'm so late seeing this...