Monday, January 12, 2009


We're back in Methuen after our first plane flights and family vacation to Colorado. Matt and I hadn't traveled together since June 2005 before Alexis was born. It was a great time away, although I didn't have access to my major addiction (the internet). Alexis and Jessica were saints on the trip.

On our way there, we connected in Cincinnati (on Delta). We had to get the kids up at 3:30am to get to the airport in time for the 5:35am departure. Alexis took a nap on the first flight because she was exhausted, especially since she didn't go to sleep until 11pm the night before. Jessica took a cat nap (~40mins) on the first leg. Then Jessica wanted breakfast. We had about 30mins layover in Cincinnati, thankfully the gates were very close. We did quick diaper change to make everyone happy and got onto the next plane. Jessica sat in the car seat and slept the entire 2.5 hr flight. Alexis sat wedged between Mommy & Daddy while we played interactive TV trivia game with the rest of the plane. We could even see who was answering which questions correctly and incorrectly, it was really awesome!! Naturally we had the high scores during one time.

When we landed in Denver, Alexis was all out of sorts on the time, she basically was a zombie and went to bed at 4:30pm Denver time. I don't blame her, 45 mins of nap after sleeping 4 hours the night before wasn't nearly enough sleep. Jessica ran around like at nut because we were staying with Gretchen (one of Alexis' friends) and Jessica thought the dogs were awesome (they were big big CATS to her). She kept saying "kitty-kitty" to the dogs. Very funny.

Matt had a nap so he got the *pleasure* (read as short-straw) to get up at 4:30am when Jessica woke up (which then woke up Alexis). Don't ask me how a hard of hearing child wakes up when her sister babbles in bed, but it does.

We had a fine time with the family. Alexis ate really well and did some PT, but overall it was a nice break from her hectic schedule of therapists at home. Jessica got to see a more scared cat and he tolerated her the best he could. Jessica enjoyed running around the house and figuring out who was in which room. She was a riot. Matt and I went snowmobiling and skiing. That was fun, but we both decided we are out of shape. Oh well.

For the return journey, our flight from Denver to Cincinnati was delayed. Thankfully Matt got in the line early with Jessica and got us booked on a DIRECT United flight back home. That was awesome. Jessica slept for 2 hours of the 3.5 hour flight. Then Alexis played in the car seat while Jessica ran around. Oh yeah, we also got the bulkhead which was great for Matt's long legs and the kids not kicking on the seats in front of them. Of course, I just have to put my feet on our luggage in that case.

When we got home though, one of our 2 bags did not return until late Sunday night. No worries since we had packed Alexis' medical needs in our carry-on luggage.

On Sunday we tried to unpack, laundry, recover and re-engage for a busy week.

On to today's news --- Alexis' IEP team met today to discuss whether she was eligible for Special Ed services. She is!!! This wasn't a surprise, but it is funny to me that she basically mets the requirements for nearly all of the Special Ed disabilities (excluding Emotional / Intellectual). But the best news was that the team recommended out-placement for Alexis. We are currently in the application process for Perkins School for the Blind Deaf-Blind program. This is our dream come true. Alexis needs the skilled staff in Perkins to work with her to develop communication, mobility, feeding and numerous other skills. We still have a sprint to the finish line to get her to Perkins by her 3rd birthday (2/8/09) but we are at least in the race!!!! :-) Of course, we're not out of shape for this work out!!!

Love to everyone,
Catherine (Matt, Alexis & Jessica)


Eva Nichole said...

That is wonderful she will be at Perkins. Eva is in a school for kids will all kind of special needs. I wish she would get a bit more sign language but over all I am happy.
Good luck with everything and I hope it all goes smoothly.
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

I hope she gets to go to Perkins - it is fabulous! Kennedy didn't go there but I've been there several times for CHARGE Foundation meetings and have seen the facilities and work they do and it is just amazing!!! Fingers crossed....

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

I hope Alexis gets to go to Perkins, too--what a fabulous school! We took Katie there for an evaluation when she was 4 1/2, and we credit them for getting her educational team on track with her. It's our dream for her to someday go there!